Carestream / PracticeWorks

To communicate the full value of its digital radiography equipment and software, PracticeWorks, the exclusive maker of Kodak Dental Systems (now known as Carestream Dental) turned to MPG. Our presentation, Harmonize Your Practice, told a complete and compelling story about how an integrated digital solution can help dental professionals achieve world-class patient care, maximum efficiency, improved patient satisfaction and compliance, and increased profitability.

Harmonize Your Practice included one of MPG’s signature effects: interactive exchanges between the live presenter and thought leaders on-screen that made it appear as if the two were speaking in real time. Using this effect, MPG’s presenter was able to “interview” a dentist and his staff to put real faces to the benefits made possible by PracticeWorks equipment and software.

Harmonize Your Practice debuted at the Chicago MidWinter Dental Show, where PracticeWorks (now Carestream) experienced a record year-over-year showing with regard to revenue.

Paul Tucker

Director of Marketing / PracticeWorks, Inc.

"The buzz and excitement was felt by all, customers as well as staff, and we increased our revenues to a record year-over-year high! The presentation was successful in drawing customers in, keeping their attention and enticing them to ask more about our products—exactly the outcome I wanted!"