Get the Most from Your Event Agency: Pick a Pest

They say nobody likes a pest, but when it comes to choosing a partner to create your events and trade show activations, a pest might be just what you need.

Now, when we say “pest” we don’t mean someone who’s going to call every single day, show up unannounced and spam you with emails “just to say hi.”

What you want is a company that isn’t afraid to prod you when a deadline’s coming, let you know when a request will impact budget in a major way and stay in front of you when feedback, assets and approvals are needed to keep a project on track.

A good partner knows you’re busy, and most likely you’re working on several projects at once. We’ve seen the in-boxes of some of our clients, so we respect the many, many things competing for their time and attention. We’ve learned that sometimes it takes a bit of pestering to break through the noise and get what’s necessary at critical project milestones.

Because being timid can become costly. What we may gain in not bothering someone today we risk losing multiple times over when deadlines are missed, change orders come in and rush charges start piling up.

A good partner’s priority should be on keeping your project running smoothly, with as few major hiccups and nasty surprises as possible. The only way to do that is to make sure everyone’s aware of where things stand from a schedule and budget standpoint, ensure that all major stakeholders sign off on key pieces before moving forward, and manage expectations every step of the way.

In today’s crazy world, sometimes the only way to accomplish those things is to be a bit of a pest. So if you’re working with a company that isn’t afraid to email and call a few extra times when a project’s mission-critical, then be glad. Often, it’s the pests who turn out to be your best partners.