Try These Tips for Powerful Product Demos at Live Events

Product Demonstration for P&G fabric and skin care at AAD - By Moening Presentation Group

Product demonstrations are classic experiential marketing and a sure-fire way to make an impression on audiences at trade shows and other live events.

Demos can simplify complicated concepts. They can spark an “a ha!” by showcasing your brand in a new light. They enhance memorability by engaging all of the senses. And they provide a “reason to believe” by allowing target audiences to try the product and interact with the science behind it.

Are you considering a live demo? Here are some key questions to ask.

Is it simple? Live events—trade shows, especially—are unique settings. Space is limited, and so is the amount of time people are willing to spend. Look for activities that…

  1. Can be done within a couple of minutes. If that isn’t possible, consider creating a time-lapse video.
  2. Require a minimum of materials. You should be able to set up on a table-top, then re-set quickly, so demos can be run back-to-back.
  3. Are safe for the general public. If the demo requires safety goggles or poses any sort of physical risk, it’s probably not right for something like a trade show.



Will it play to the crowd? While “kitchen science” is a great approach, and simple is always best, make sure your demo delivers a message that matches your audience in sophistication. Demos should also…

  1. Have an easy-to-notice result. You’re going for a “Wow!” so make sure the outcome is obvious and impressive.
  2. Be big enough to be seen by a semi-large group of people. We often place a small camera on the table so the demo can be broadcast on our video monitor for folks in the back.



Will it work every time? This is the biggest and most important question. Most of our demos run 3 to 4 times an hour over several trade show days, and nothing hurts credibility more than a demonstration that doesn’t deliver the results it’s promised. To ensure that your demo works every single time, you will want to…

  1. Test, test, test. It’s not enough for a demo to work a couple of times in your lab. Run it at least 10 times in succession in a conference room.
  2. Consider a video. If you can’t replicate the same impressive results every time, videotape a successful demo and show that instead.


To see more of MPG’s demo work, check out the new experience we created for P&G skin care brands. Our case study will be up soon!


Happy Holidays from MPG!


New Year, New Message, New Experience

We at MPG can’t believe it’s already mid-February! 2011 ended with such a flurry that we scarcely had time to update our blog, but we’re very proud of what came out of that busy time. In January, we unveiled a new booth experience for Crest Oral-B at Yankee Dental Congress in Boston. Crest Oral-B wanted to reach out to dental professionals as never before, and we helped them stage a big success with a fresh new presentation expressing appreciation for the many ways that dentists and hygienists help patients go “Beyond Open Wide.” The interactive presentation included real-time results from a pre-show survey sent to professionals before the convention and accessed via a QR code.

We engaged the target audience’s minds and hearts, winning rave reviews with impressive new booth graphics by our partner agency, the emotional main theater presentation, our Innovation Station demos and brushing stations, where visitors got to try out Crest Oral-B’s newest products.  We also helped Crest Oral-B continue relationships built during the convention by engaging them in line with iPads where they could “like” the brand’s Facebook page and, in doing so, enter for the chance to win an iPad themselves.

By all accounts, Crest Oral-B’s new message at Yankee Dental was a hit. Next up: Chicago Midwinter!


MPG Wins Spirit of Cincinnati Partnership Award

Image1The MPG team has been honored by the Cincinnati USA Convention and Visitors Bureau with a Spirit of Cincinnati Partnership Award for its work on a multi-media live spectacular that was presented as part of the closing ceremonies at the 2010 World Choir Games in Shaoxing, China.

Titled “The American Dream,” the show introduced singers from around the world to the city of Cincinnati, which will host the World Choir Games in 2012.

Calling the show “one of the most powerful tools we had to demonstrate the power of American music and Cincinnati USA,” the convention and visitor’s bureau gave MPG the Partnership Award at its 2011 annual meeting.

“MPG created a truly memorable show, and let the world know that Cincinnati USA will be ready to take center stage in 2012,” said members of the selection committee.

Written, produced, orchestrated, cast and costumed entirely by MPG, “The American Dream” featured Broadway caliber performers with video transitions that followed a young boy from China and a young girl from Cincinnati as they chatted via computer about their plans for the 2012 games.

MPG Kicks Off Countdown to the 2012 World Choir Games

Recently the MPG team had a chance to let our city—and the world—know about an amazing event coming to Cincinnati in July 2012. It’s the World Choir Games, and we couldn’t be more excited.

So we were thrilled to help create and produce a Countdown to the Games event in Cincinnati’s Fountain Square. The lunchtime celebration featured Drew Lachey as emcee, performances by Kelly King of last year’s “American Dream” show in China, an introduction to Whirl and Twirl, the 2012 Games’ official mascots, and a “musical postcard” welcome (below), which is being broadcast to the world on YouTube.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouuO2OcZ4CU&w=640&h=390]

Despite the record heat, we had a huge turnout for the Countdown, and everything went off without a hitch. Team MPG is so appreciative of the many volunteers and performers who helped make this event a success, and we can’t wait to help create even more memorable moments when the games arrive here at this time next year!

Get the Most from Your Event Agency: Pick a Pest

They say nobody likes a pest, but when it comes to choosing a partner to create your events and trade show activations, a pest might be just what you need.

Now, when we say “pest” we don’t mean someone who’s going to call every single day, show up unannounced and spam you with emails “just to say hi.”

What you want is a company that isn’t afraid to prod you when a deadline’s coming, let you know when a request will impact budget in a major way and stay in front of you when feedback, assets and approvals are needed to keep a project on track.

A good partner knows you’re busy, and most likely you’re working on several projects at once. We’ve seen the in-boxes of some of our clients, so we respect the many, many things competing for their time and attention. We’ve learned that sometimes it takes a bit of pestering to break through the noise and get what’s necessary at critical project milestones.

Because being timid can become costly. What we may gain in not bothering someone today we risk losing multiple times over when deadlines are missed, change orders come in and rush charges start piling up.

A good partner’s priority should be on keeping your project running smoothly, with as few major hiccups and nasty surprises as possible. The only way to do that is to make sure everyone’s aware of where things stand from a schedule and budget standpoint, ensure that all major stakeholders sign off on key pieces before moving forward, and manage expectations every step of the way.

In today’s crazy world, sometimes the only way to accomplish those things is to be a bit of a pest. So if you’re working with a company that isn’t afraid to email and call a few extra times when a project’s mission-critical, then be glad. Often, it’s the pests who turn out to be your best partners.

Finding Top Talent for Your Trade Show Presentations and Corporate Events

???????????????????????????????Corporate events and trade shows are one place where the messenger is just as important as the message.  When competition gets fierce and setting the right tone is vital, a good presenter can make all the difference in building brand equity, establishing credibility and—most important—forging connections.

When selecting talent for live presentations, it’s important to go beyond video clips, websites and resumes. At Moening Presentation Group, we always meet prospective new talent for an in-person audition and interview, so we can see for ourselves how the person will do in front of an audience and whether we’ll work well together.

Here are some other criteria to consider when hiring the people who will be your face and voice of your brand:

  • Are they ear prompter experts? If your presentations are tightly timed, coordinating live action with video, then you don’t want your presenters to wing it. Make sure they demonstrate proficiency with an ear prompter before you bring them on-site.
  • Are they warm and relatable? Whether talking hard science or chatting about a consumer brand, a good presenter should be able to take a script and make it sound natural.
  • Will they behave like professionals on- and off-stage? Your presenters are a reflection of you and your brand; you should be able to count on them to be at their best from the moment they arrive in an event city until it’s time to pack up and go home.
  • How are they at being a team player? Are they willing to take direction and go the extra mile, helping with crowd gathering and recognizing potential hot leads?
  • How’s their energy? The trade show floor is not for wimps. Presentations can run several times an hour and you should expect every last one to look, feel and sound like the very first.

Hiring the best talent isn’t easy, especially when you consider that you’re selecting someone to represent you in front of hundreds, perhaps thousands of people. MPG has a roster of professional presenters who have proven themselves the best in the business. If you have a project that requires superior talent, get in touch with us. We’d love to put their expertise to work for you, because your message deserves nothing less!

MPG Senior Writer Celebrates Launch of Debut Novel

Image4Sara Bennett Wealer, MPG Senior Writer, recently took on a new title: published author. Her first novel for young adults, RIVAL, was released Feb. 15 by HarperTeen, an imprint of HarperCollins.

RIVAL is the story of two girls, once friends, now enemies, who are getting ready to go up against each other in a major singing competition. Reviews for the book have been outstanding, with Kirkus advising readers to “Think Glee, only with chamber music.”

Sara held a launch party for RIVAL at the Blue Marble Bookstore in Fort Thomas, Kentucky. Speaking to an audience of friends, family, readers and book bloggers, she talked about the inspiration for the book and her journey to publication, with a bit of advice for aspiring novelists thrown in for good measure.

“We’re extremely proud of Sara,” said MPG Vice President Kimberly Moening. “She worked so hard to achieve this goal. It really shows the depth of her abilities, and demonstrates to our clients that MPG works with the best of the best!”

RIVAL is on sale now.

Taking Stock of 2010, Looking Forward to 2011

As the year winds down, we at MPG like to take stock of what we’ve accomplished while looking to what lies ahead in the year to come.

2010 was a year of  growth, challenges, and some exciting new projects that literally took us across the world. We:

All this, not to mention the work we do with our regular clients on live presentations and engaging experiences that help them attract, engage and communicate with their target audiences. We’re proud of the work we’ve done in 2010!

Next Up for 2011: We’re excited to explore new ways to weave social media, digital marketing and a myriad of amazing new presentation techniques into experiences for our clients. We’re in awe of the many advances and refinements to existing platforms, as well as the dizzying array of new apps and technologies that are available–and more are being created every day! One thing is for certain: 2011 certainly won’t be dull, and we can’t wait!

Celebrating Team MPG

Our hearts are heavier as we head into this year’s holiday season because we do so without one of our beloved team members. Jean Carey, who most recently acted as MPG’s Finance Director but has been a dear friend and colleague for more than 20 years, passed away early this month after a brief illness.

Those who knew and loved Jean have been mourning her passing but also celebrating her life. Of course, we remember the many ways she touched us personally, but we also remember how wonderful she was to work with. Jean taught us so much about professionalism and attention to detail—she was one of the best in her field, and we all benefited from her advice and expertise.

We loved working with Jean, and we know she loved working with our team members. As we celebrate her contributions to MPG during this season of Thanksgiving, we also want to celebrate the other talented people who help us succeed and grow and provide the best possible service to those who entrust us with the job of putting their messages in the spotlight.

Our creative team – From concepts, scripts and graphics to video, digital and décor, we live for the ideas! And we never cease to be amazed at what comes out of our brainstorms. One thing’s for sure: we’ve got some big thinkers on Team MPG.

Our amazing producers – They not only execute the big ideas, they contribute a few of their own—all in the name of delivering unforgettable experiences. Our producers get the job done and make sure it exceeds expectations. They aren’t satisfied until a project is flawless.

Our incredibly talented presenters – Simply put, we hire only the best, and they deliver for us—time and time again. Whether they’re singing and dancing or talking hard science with industry professionals, our people have a special ability to connect with audiences and make a real impact.

Our world-class hosts and hostesses – In many ways, these team members are the face of MPG and our clients. They go the extra mile at events, troubleshooting, educating (sometimes even selling), and making sure all goes smoothly. They work with class and discretion to make sure everyone has an outstanding experience.

The partners who help us shine – We know we can count on these folks to bring a little something extra—to complement our skillsets, make us look good on the show floor, and help provide our clients with the latest event marketing solutions.

And finally… Our clients – They provide us with wonderful stories to tell. They push and challenge us. And they allow us the privilege of continuing to do what we love best. We’ve made some great friendships within the companies with whom we work, and we’re proud that we can continue to give them our very best.

Thanks to everyone who helps makes MPG a special team to work with. We value you more than we could ever express!

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